Have you ever wondered by climbing stairs has been an exercise for most athletes? You think they’re just showing off their looks at the ladies sitting in the gym. Of course not, they’re actually building up their leg muscles for increased strength and durability. Aside from that, it is also a great workout for getting a rounded and bigger butt.

Star-climbing helps you stretch your butt muscles so it won’t sag and you can do this exercise in places where there are stairs (Duh!). Skip a step or maybe two when climbing and you can also do step-ups when there are no stairs present. Find a flat and sturdy surface, a bench or short table will do then step-up on the edge of the surface and take turns with your feet as you land on the ground. Doing these exercise will target the gluteus muscles; hence, giving you a firmer and rounder butt. You can do this workout for as long as you want and you can also add weights to boost the challenge.

Jump squats are also one of the most common big butt exercises. It helps you gain strength and burn fat in the process. Jump squats are pretty easy, all you need to is do a squat position (legs and should a width apart, knees bend and back straight) then do a straight jump and land firmly in the ground with the same squat position. It’s like you’re doing jumping jacks in a bent position. You can do this workout for 30 seconds and as much as you want per set.

Single leg bridges are a great way to shape your butt, as well as, getting killer legs. Do your breathing exercise and find a flat surface where you can lie on (use a mat when lying on the floor to help you get more comfortable) and raise either leg straight up in the air. Place your weight on the heel of the other foot and lift your buttocks to form a position in which your knees and shoulders are parallel. Breathe in when you return to your original position. You can do 10 reps per leg and pausing 10 seconds as you do the reps per each leg.