My documented laser hair removal journey

Laser hair removal has grabbed headlines in aesthetics and cosmetics lately because of the fact that that it is an affordable way of removing unwanted body hair permanently. Many have marveled at just how effective laser is and here we will revisit the story of a client who has experienced the power of laser first hand. After Kaushal had posted a picture of her legs after laser hair removal on instagram, it stirred many into questioning her at home laser hair removal compared. She thus decided to help out the others by revealing her journey of struggling to get a flawless, smooth and hairless skin had come to an end when she stumbled on laser.

Intense Pulsed Light or simply IPL was among the first laser devices Kaushal came across but she wasn’t overly convinced by these gadgets. She says, “When it comes to lasers and intense skincare treatments I am one of those people who prefer to get a professional to work their magic on me, rather than trying to become one by getting a kit from my local drug store.” She had seen a lot of her colleagues, especially Indians and Asians, try out IPL hair removal kits and she noted that it took too many sessions to see any form of results. Furthermore, she also tried the IPL kit twice and-no results! She quickly concluded that the IPL kits just don’t work on Indian skin and the slight benefits gained are merely short term.

YAG laser was next in the long list for Kaushal. She was made to understand that this method was going to make a big impression on her body hair. In truth, YAG laser ended up disappointing her as she reports, “I can tell you that it made my hair a little fainter, but nothing drastic…” She ditched the YAG laser soon after she realized that it was more or less similar to IPL.

Over the next 5 months Kaushal visited a professional laser technician within her county and she revealed that IPL was not going to be effective for her. Kaushal told her about the YAG laser she had been on prior to now and after some digging the technician informed her that what she was made to believe was YAG laser was actually a diode which was a hoax.

The treatment she used is the Long pulsed Nd: YAG laser by Polaris medical. This laser has a wide spectrum and can be used on all skin types but what impresses most about this laser is that its melanin absorption is very low. The more melanin you have, the darker your skin and vice versa. This results in very little risk of your skin to get damaged by hyper/hypo pigmentation.

Prior to treatment, try not to apply any lotion or body cream and it is best if you shave the areas you wish to target. During the laser treatment session, the areas of your body that are to be treated are sectioned off. The Nd: YAG laser is used with an air-conditioning type cooling tube which is placed over the area of your skin as it is getting lasered so as to relieve any pain emanating from the treatment. Following treatment, try to stay away from hot showers or saunas and apply some sun screen on the areas of your skin that are exposed to sunlight. In 24 hours you should be back to your normal lifestyle but with results as Kaushal discovered.

Sizzling Summer Vectors

To the all summer lovers, here are the very best vector images you would love to have.

I put this one on the top of the list. This is basically a poster, but the fact is, if you put it in a leaflet or a magazine or even an article cover, this should be the winning image for your production. The trees, man with surfing board on a beach with coconut trees and a lot of birds flying when sun is setting down and spreading its red light throughout the evening makes a perfect sense of a great summer. Besides there are spaces for you to write many things describing your thoughts on summer? I would say this is one of the best images of this site, not just the best summer vector.

When you plan on summer vacations what you put on your checklist to enjoy? Check out the second image and you will find everything in it. The list thinking of summer made it to the second position. This makes the perfect sense of summer without even saying a single word. Besides you can use these icons in your presentation, in any of your production material and then, you can make fun with all of these icons too. If you are searching for some images which will give you the summer theme for your production, this is the best vector for you.

Summer is a perfect time to express romance. The third image is a symbol of love and summer. In a sunny day in a grass field it is so romantic to have your date beside you and passing time for hours. This is a very thoughtful vector which represents hope, love, passion and obviously the summer.

Everyone loves beaches with sexy girls moving around in a sunny day in summer. This is a vector representing the theme. This artistic vector will give you a perfect theme for your summer party poster. Though this is not a pretty design, but the sensual image of this vector at least give it the fourth position among the summer vectors.

Shape your butts! Go for a big butt workout

Have you ever wondered by climbing stairs has been an exercise for most athletes? You think they’re just showing off their looks at the ladies sitting in the gym. Of course not, they’re actually building up their leg muscles for increased strength and durability. Aside from that, it is also a great workout for getting a rounded and bigger butt.

Star-climbing helps you stretch your butt muscles so it won’t sag and you can do this exercise in places where there are stairs (Duh!). Skip a step or maybe two when climbing and you can also do step-ups when there are no stairs present. Find a flat and sturdy surface, a bench or short table will do then step-up on the edge of the surface and take turns with your feet as you land on the ground. Doing these exercise will target the gluteus muscles; hence, giving you a firmer and rounder butt. You can do this workout for as long as you want and you can also add weights to boost the challenge.

Jump squats are also one of the most common big butt exercises. It helps you gain strength and burn fat in the process. Jump squats are pretty easy, all you need to is do a squat position (legs and should a width apart, knees bend and back straight) then do a straight jump and land firmly in the ground with the same squat position. It’s like you’re doing jumping jacks in a bent position. You can do this workout for 30 seconds and as much as you want per set.

Single leg bridges are a great way to shape your butt, as well as, getting killer legs. Do your breathing exercise and find a flat surface where you can lie on (use a mat when lying on the floor to help you get more comfortable) and raise either leg straight up in the air. Place your weight on the heel of the other foot and lift your buttocks to form a position in which your knees and shoulders are parallel. Breathe in when you return to your original position. You can do 10 reps per leg and pausing 10 seconds as you do the reps per each leg.

Start a healthy lifestyle!

Starting a healthy lifestyle is becoming hard—we have ipads, tablets and gadgets to keep us busy all day; we have sodas and fad diets that are not healthy at all and starting a healthy lifestyle seems like a far-fetched goal due to our busy working schedules.

However, we are not too late to set our mind on changing and starting a better and healthier lifestyle we’ve ever dreamed. With little tweaks in our day-to-day habit, we are taking small sure steps towards a big success in our life.
Here are a few points to start:


1. List down reasonable goals and objectives:

Don’t wait for every New Year. Start your resolution now and make sure your goals are SMART (specific-measurable-attainable-realistic-time-limited).


2. Pick healthy foods like fresh fruits and veggies:

Avoid foods that raise your cholesterol and increase your risks of health-related problems such as obesity and heart disease.


3. Do your daily vigorous exercises:

Do stretches and repetitive basic exercises a day. If you want a breath of fresh air, take a jog and or ride your bike around the neighborhood. Once you’ve started this regimen, you’re going to say goodbye to your couch potato days and you won’t regret it.


4. Get more sleep:

This is the perfect time to restore your energy and let your body do the cellular repairs needed for your daily activities. Moreover, persons who lack sleep tends to gain weight.



5. Practice Good Hygiene:

You learn doing these stuffs while you were still your kiddie years and you should continue doing this as part of your healthy lifestyle regimen. These include:

– Taking a bath everyday

– Brushing your teeth

– Cutting your fingernails

– Wearing clean clothes


6. Drink lots of water:

Consider this as your lifeline. Every living thing cannot survive with out water and should I still mention all the benefits about water? Nah, I’m sure you’re perfectly aware of the miracles brought by H2O.


These may be simple tips, yet practicing a healthy lifestyle produces more wonderful effects to you and your body than you’ll ever expect.